Tuesday, February 23, 2010


MY CONCERT IS NEXT WEEK. I'M SO RIDICULOUSLY PUMPED, I'M WRITING IN ALL CAPS. YEAH. WHAT NOW, MOFOS?!? AND I HAVE FOUND THE LOVE OF MY LIFE. HIS NAME IS LOGAN LERMAN. REMEMBER THAT. NOW, I WILL TYPE IN GERMAN, JUST SO YOU HAVE TO FIGURE OUT WHAT I'M SAYING. MWAHAHAHA. JUST FOR SHITS AND GIGGLES. ANYWHO . . . Ich sah den film Gamer und ich sah Logan Lerman in ihr, und dass zum ersten mal sah ich ihn. Dann habe ich den film sah, Hoot und wieder war er lächerlic gut aus. Dan habe ich Percy Jackson sah, und ich dachte "Oh mein Gott, ich bin verliebt in diesen jungen." Nicht in einem stalker weg, aber du weißt was ich meine. Yeah, try and figure that one out. AND NO CHEATING BY USING TRANSLATORS. not that anyone cares about my stupid little posts, but hey, it makes me feel better to pretend like someone is listening. 'Kay, bye! Love ya!

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  1. lol, i just commented on my own. yeah, i'm so cool, home skizzlz. i have no life.