Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Really, people?? REALLY?

American Idol auditions last night were ah-mazing. For rizzles. I'm hoping the one kid, Tyler, goes all the way through. He sang "Let's Get it On". w00T! w00T for Pennsylvanians, yeah! Jersey can KISS MA GRITS!! Just kidding . . . sort of.

Anyhow, I really have to wonder, WHAT ARE SOME OF THESE PEOPLE THINKING!!! Like the one lady who, supposedly, had voice coaches and was wearing this blue cape type thingermabobby and had one glove like a fucked up Michael Jackson?! Okay, lady, if all the judges tell you to give up on singing, chances are YOU REALLY DO SUCK, AND YOU SHOULD QUIT. Ugh. People are retarded. And that's not just my natural aversion to people talking here.

And the cocky ones. I don't like them. If you're gonna say you were better than all the past contestants, you might, oh, I don't know, BE ABLE TO SING. That might help a little. So, if you're cocky, and are thinking about trying out for American Idol, shove it up your ass. It's not mean, it's constructive criticism.

And now on to the next topic of conversation. MUSE!!!! Only 2 months to go! SHIT YEA!!


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